Show & Tell: What’s On Your Desk?

What's on YOUR desk? Nifty finds to brighten any cubicle.

I like pink.

No, no wait. Like is not strong enough a word.

I am unhealthily obsessed with pink and cannot get enough of it in my life.

As a child, whenever I was asked for my favorite color, I remember being confused because How can anyone really know what their favorite color is? Mine was blue. Obviously. But then the next week it was green. The next is was yellow (Because Maddy Robinson’s was yellow). The next, I’d look around and decide purple had to be my favorite color, right? Right??

It was all very confusing. Because seriously. How can you know. 

Well, folks, like Columbus discovering the Indies, when I discovered pink, I knew. (Bad example.)

For years I tried to deny it like a torrid affair.

I wanted so badly to not be the stereotypical girl (Heaven forbid, right?) by loving pink, so I tried as hard as I could to like blue. I shifted toward sky blue for awhile, which felt more comfortable, and then slipped gradually into mint green…until it was just undeniable: I LOVED PINK AND I DIDN’T CARE WHO KNEW IT. (Think Ron Burgundy, but, you know, not burgundy.)

Since then, I’ve fully embraced the blush, making it the color of my wedding, my house (sorry, hubby), and, yep, my desk.

Flirty finds make any desk space cheerful, whether at home or at the office.

At work, I’m known as the girl with the desk. Having a pinkified cubicle when you work for the federal government certainly makes you stand out. But more importantly for my own sake, it makes me happy. 

I enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful things that cheer me up, and pink definitely cheers me up. I don’t know what chemical voodoo magic goes on in my head when I see the color, but I know I’m immediately in higher spirits after doing so.

Since color has become such an important part of my life, I thought I’d share some of the fun trinkets I keep around my desk in the hopes that they might make some of you happy, too!


  1. Cactus keychainH&M, $4.99

Cactus keychain! Details at

I found this little fella in the checkout line at the H&M in New Orleans while I was buying tee shirts for my son on a vacation last month. It was, admittedly, an impulse buy — but it’s one of the greatest impulse purchases I’ve made to date.

love this thing, not just for its vibrant color and adorable mustache and cowboy boot attachments, but also because it makes finding my keys in my Goliath of a purse that much easier. I know they say idle hands are the Devil’s playground, but dang that playground has some cute stuff sometimes!


2. Grapefruit iPhone case, Kate Spade New York, $39.50 (on Amazon)

KSNY Grapefruit iPhone -- Make the right call!

I’m pretty wishy-washy about my phone cases. I love Kate Spade’s designs in general (obviously), but I get A.D.D. with them when they’re on my phone. There always seems to be a better option. I’d been around the block a time or two with cases that were too bulky, too flimsy, not quite the right pattern, or just not up to the task of protecting my phone.

But the moment I laid eyes on this KSNY Grapefruit iPhone case, I knew… I had to get an iPhone.

(No joke, I bought this case in preparation for getting an iPhone. About two months before I actually got one. It was worth it.)

Even though I got the Rose Gold iPhone (Did you hear that?? A pink iPhone!), I haven’t taken this case off once in the year I’ve had it. I love it so much. Every time I look at it, it’s like serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin all come out to party, and I’m invited.

A few of the jewels recently started to fall off, but that hasn’t diminished my love for it. (I simply bought a replacement on Amazon! Shh. Don’t tell.)

I would highly recommend this bedazzled beauty to anyone looking to spice up their text life. Go ahead, make the right call.




3. 2017 Agenda, Kate Spade New York, $99

KSNY 2017 Agenda on Politics to PlayDoh

Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you about this one: I have two.

Yep, that’s right. I have this baby in black, as well. I figured I might as well give myself options: Pink and flirty, or black and classy, right?

You know how I told you I have an obsession with pink? Well, it’s even worse with agendas.

I’m not joking, I buy an average of nine agendas a year. I write in about 1/3 of them (Math!), but so many organizers these days are just so darn pretty that I can’t pass ’em up! Plus, who knows what crafty magic you can pull with old planners, amiright?

(No, I’m pretty wrong since years tend to go out of date. Literally.)

My favorite planners are the Sugar Paper line from Target and, of course, KSNY. I like Kate’s because her fillers are replaceable, so you can reuse the planner over and over. (No, that doesn’t stop me from buying more planners each year anyway. Shrug.)

KSNY 2017 Agenda on Politics to PlayDoh

Plus, it comes with To Do, Restaurant, Birthdays, and Phone Number tabs for extra organization. Win!


4. Headline Mug, Kate Spade New York, $28

Headline mug from KSNY at

love these mugs by Kate Spade. How can you not be happy when you look at this? And it comes in a boatload of adorable designs, too, with all different headlines. While I scored this little pretty at Home Goods, you can also find it on Amazon!

I personally find this mug too cute to stain with coffee, so I keep my pens in it instead.

Speaking of…


5. EasyTouch Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Pilot, $8.59

The best fine tip pens around! EasyTouch Retractable Ballpoints

I’m a pen snob, you guys. I won’t deny it. That gel pen fad in the 90’s? Didn’t do it for me. That stuff gets everywhere! I need me a fine tip to get the job done — the finer the better.

A few years ago, I found the perfect pen. I don’t remember where it was — probably a polling booth in DC or something — but I was obsessed. It wrote with the finest tip I’d ever seen, and didn’t leave a mark outside of the path I drew. When I left without first finding out what type of pen it was, I was obviously devastated. I spent the next years seeking out that hallowed rollerball, checking Targets and Staples up and down the East Coast, but to no avail. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Cut to 2017.

On my first day in the new office, my coworkers gave me a tour of the building and then they took me to the supply room to stock up for my new desk.

Take a guess at what happened next.

That’s right: They handed me my dream pen!

You guys, I had found my beloved. My favorite pen. Reunited at last.

To ensure we were never separated again, I stocked up, and if you appreciate fine writing, too, you should, too!


6. Rose Salve, C. O. Bigelow, $6

Rose salve for the lips that crave attention!

Another impulse buy, you guys! This time at Nordstrom Rack’s checkout line. This stuff is AMAZING. For those lips that crave extra attention, C.O. Bigelow has you — and your lips –covered. And it’s the perfect size to keep on your desk or toss in your purse — Or both with this two-pack!


7. Fuzzy Keychain, Nordstrom Rack, $10

Fuzzy friends for your keys at

I found this little guy at Nordstrom Rack the day before we left for Utah, and now he keeps me company at my desk. He makes it so easy to find my office keys, especially when they’re at the bottom of that Mary Poppins purse I carry around.

My coworker told me he would get dirty in a day, but I’ve had him for half a year and he doesn’t have a mark on him! What a gem.


8. Orchid Magenta Laptop, HP, $275

A pink laptop makes work seem like fun!

Remember that one time I said I liked pink? I don’t lie. 

When I worked for Scribendi, the amazing editing service and employer, I needed a laptop I could use exclusively for my editing. So naturally I needed that laptop to be pink.

And guys, I found it! This thing is fabulous. I mean, as long as it’s pink it’s fabulous, but it works, too!


9. Business Card Holder, Kate Spade New York, $50

Business or Pleasure? Why not have both!

Business? Pleasure? Why not have both!

This classy card holder makes business fun! I’m not gonna lie, I have a few of these, and I got them all during the Kate Spade Surprise Sale (which is going on right now, guys! It comes up about twice a month!). Sidenote: I don’t buy any Kate Spade unless it comes from the Surprise Sales, which is why I was so sad to hear that Coach plans to slowly eliminate them since buying Kate Spade. Retail is for the worms, amiright? (See what I did there? Re-tail? Like regeneration? Like…nevermind.)


10. Unicorn Phone Charger, Sizzix, $13.99

Do unicorns exist? They do as phone chargers!

I’ve never had an external battery phone charger before, but dagnabbit I’m glad I snagged this little giveaway from Sizzix at SNAP Conference this year! It’s true what they say: These things really are magical! (And external phone chargers work, too.) (Word play!)

I carry this little friend around in my purse, but when I’m at work he sits on my desk and stares. And I don’t even mind.


What do you keep on your desk to keep it happy and colorful? Fun ideas at

What do you have on your desk to keep you happy and motivated at work? Hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Show & Tell: What’s On Your Desk?