DIY Golden Chic IKEA Shoe Rack

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

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You guys, this has to be one of the simplest DIY projects I’ve done to date, and it’s made one of the biggest impacts on my home’s look.

Our mudroom came with custom built-in entryway storage, but, I mean, have you seen how many shoes I have? Even though we have tons more space out here than we did in DC or Annapolis, it still somehow wasn’t enough.

So my husband and I decided to install shoe racks.

(And when I say “install,” I mean it in the loosest sense of the word possible. We wanted to place them, really.)

So we went to the first place any young couple goes when they’re looking for cheap, easy storage: IKEA!

Yes, IKEA is another one of my anti-drugs.

I mean, that place has everything. And if it doesn’t have everything, it has enough that you can DIY the rest of it.

Enter the DIY Golden Chic IKEA Shoe Rack


DIY Golden Chic IKEA Shoe Rack

IKEA has a number of options for shoe racks. Some are more expensive than others, and others are classier than the rest.

These days, we always err on the side of cheap.

We chose these white Bissa racks because 1. They fit up to 18 (!!) pairs of shoes, 2. They’re vertical and slim so they don’t take up a ton of room, and 3. They have that little vent at the top so our shoes aren’t marinating in their own odor.

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

Plus, they’re only $39.99!

As the cheapest option, these beauties are surprisingly lovely and super sturdy.

That said, I didn’t want to just plunk these guys down in my mudroom and let them gather dust. (I have a hard time being surrounded by anything that isn’t pretty… It’s a real problem. I’m working on it, but not actually.)

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh


So I did what any overscheduled young mom would do: I DIYed it to my liking!

Now, this project was seriously almost too easy for words.

I literally bought these beautiful drawer pulls off of Amazon (I’d actually bought them for my kitchen, but that’s a whole other saga), and just affixed them to the front of the rack.

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

No lie, that’s the extent of it.

You just measure and mark equal distances on each rack, drill a hole through each mark, and then screw the pulls in with the accompanying screws.

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

Easy peasy, but oh so lovely!

I feel like this one tiny detail transformed the whole feel of not only just the racks, but the whole mudroom!

It feels so much classier now.

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh

DIY Gold Chic IKEA Shoe Rack - Politics to PlayDoh


Are you an IKEA DIYer? (Shall we call this DIkeaY?) What’s your favorite IKEA transformation?





Little Boy’s Adventure Bedroom

A room fit for a little explorer, now at

Do you ever feel like you just need a little adventure in your life? I’m pretty risk-averse myself, so I tend to take my adventures in the home decorating department.

When we moved from DC to Utah, I made myself a promise: No black or gray.

This was a big step for me, so I kind of count it as an adventure. Our entire house back East had been decorated in a very classic gray-and-white theme, (think Fall 2015 Pottery Barn catalogue), and I swore to myself that I would infuse our new house with as much color as I could tastefully manage.

I started with my son’s room because I felt like I could go a little wild in there (pun!) and he wouldn’t hold it against me. For clarification, he’s 18 months. So he might’ve held it against me, but I’d never know. Win!

I started with a navy blue accent wall, using Anchors Aweigh paint by Sherwin Williams.

Anchors Aweigh by Sherwin Williams in a little boy's Adventure room!

(That’s my little bedhead boy waking up from his nap)

Then I added a DIY basketed console I had repurposed from the old house with the use of leftover paint from the wall and gold Rustoleum spray paint (which is my kryptonite).

Little Boy's Adventure Room

On top of the console, I added this adorable bear figurine I found at both Target and At Home, a faux cactus from Target for height, and some of my favorite little boy books. You might notice that I have two copies of Catcher in the Rye up there. More on that in a later post!

That cast metal steer head skull from Target adorns both my son’s room and my husband’s study, and I love it. I would buy more of them if I had the wall space!

Next, I had to hang some of the artwork I’d brought from our Annapolis house. Most of it wouldn’t translate well to this room, but I found a few pieces that did.

One was this wooden handmade phonetic alphabet decor from Etsy. I love this piece, and I thought it’d fit nicely with the Adventure theme in the room. Every little adventurer needs to know the phonetic alphabet! Lima Oscar Victor Echo!

When little boys travel, they should know the phonetic alphabet -- Etsy can help!

I also had a piece from Etsy that I’d used as the centerpiece for my son’s baptism. It reads “The Lord bless you and keep you,” which is a beautiful sentiment from Numbers 6:24. I’d searched for places to hang it in our last home, but it didn’t quite fit with our decor. Here, though, I think it is too sweet! I hope it’s a reminder to my son that he’s never alone, even in the dark of night with only the soft flicker of a nightlight around him… especially because he’s got James the Giraffe lookin’ out for him, too!

I’d been eyeing this giraffe for years (like, before I was even pregnant. I wanted him for myself). These things are expensive though. Made by Melissa & Doug, makers of the greatest and simplest children’s toys around, I’d seen this guy in toy stores across the country, but I just wasn’t willing to shell out $100 for a stuffed animal (no matter how badly I wanted him).

But then I found him on Amazon, of all places, for far less, and I snagged him while I could! The “Encounter” photos we have of my son when we took him out of the box for the first time are priceless.

Little Boy's Adventure Room

I also brought my son’s Rockabye Lambkins sheep rocker up, just for decorative purposes, having had no idea that this would become his favorite dancing buddy and the most loved toy in his room!

The Rockabye Lambkins came from a Zulily deal years ago, but it’s also available at Amazon. What I love about this toy is, first and foremost, it’s made in the U.S.A. I love anything made in America! We’ve had this toy for over 2 years, and it still looks brand new even though the little guy plays with it every day.

There are four buttons on the lamb’s head that play four different songs: ABCs, 123s, Colors, and I Love to Rock rock ‘n’ roll. These aren’t your typical ABCs and 123s, though. Rockabye has come up with its own songs for learning, and my guy eats each one up! It’s hilarious to watch him rock out to the songs, too.


The Rockabye Lambkins rocker makes a TERRIFIC gift for the new mom or parents of a toddler.

Once I’d added the pieces I had brought with me in our move, I obviously had to buy new ones to fill in the gaps. (Obviously, right?) I’m a collector by habit, so I pick things up whenever I find them and hang on to them until I find a place they’ll fit nicely. (No, my husband is not a fan of this philosophy.) I had these cactus prints from Hobby Lobby, which I’d bought for the living room but didn’t quite make the cut. I brought them up here to see how they’d fit in a gallery wall-esque setting, and voila! They worked out!

Ladies Love a Gentleman sign from Hobby Lobby!

When I was at Hobby Lobby a bit later, I saw this Ladies Love a Gentleman wall decor and sent a snapshot to my hubby as a joke. Lo and behold, he responded that he thought it was hilarious and so our son…so I ran back and got it. Don’t have to twist my arm! I think it looks perfect surrounded by adventurous decor.

After I’d filled the walls, I looked around and realized I needed some light. My current go-to place for trendy lighting is, of course, Target. I snagged this wayfarer tripod floor lamp at Target, along with these cute-but-masculine decorative mirrors.

Adventurers need their own corner of the room

I also found a brass floor lamp at Target, which gave me a nice reading light for evening story time. Check out the artwork above my PB Kids indigo ticking stripe wingback rocking chair, too. That’s a Rifle Paper Co. cowboy print I bought and framed with a basic gold frame from Home Goods! I think it’s such a cute touch to this adventurous room, and it helps me to indulge my obsession with all things Rifle Paper Co.

Mommy gets a chair in little boy's Adventure room, too! Just in case the little adventurer gets worn out and needs a snuggle.

Next to the crib, I placed a RH Baby pouf I found during my I’m-Obsessed-With-RHBaby-And-Will-Singlehandedly-Keep-Them-Afloat days. It’s a subtle gray snow leopard print, which goes well with the Adventure (or Wild?) theme of the room.

As a little accoutrement, I died when I saw this adorable little Hogle Zookeeper vest when we visited Hogle Zoo for Zoo Lights over Christmas, and I vowed that my son would be a zookeeper for Halloween this year, and his daddy and I will be his animals of choice. (See me again in a few months to find out if I go through with it!)

So, what’s that on the floor?, you ask. Well, that, my friends, is my favorite rug from If you don’t know about yet, you will. Just hang with me for an hour. Or visit my basement. I have about thirty rugs from them rolled up and ready to use because they’re so beautiful and so inexpensive that I collect them like normal people collect their mail. (My husband is also not a fan of this habit. We make it work. I think.)

The rug that I chose for this room is the Hand-Hooked Imperial Medallion Floral Rug in gray, which adds just a touch of femininity to the room while maintaining a masculine feel throughout. I got it in a 9 x 12, which covers the floor perfectly and adds a wonderfully tribal element to the space.

Tribal Medallion Rug from RugsUSA -- See how to incorporate it into a little boy's Adventure bedroom!

Every time I step foot in his bedroom, I’m greeted by the vibrant colors in this floor covering. And the best part? The house they just built across the street — right outside my son’s window — was painted the same color as the teal in this rug! Talk about a comprehensive color scheme! Wins all around!

Finally, I installed a few pieces to make the room more practical, while never sacrificing aesthetics. I DIYed the cute animal jars below using knick knacks lying around: Ball mason jars, my son’s animal toys, and that Rustoleum gold metallic spray paint I mentioned earlier. They’re the perfect compartments for Q-tips, medicine syringes, cotton balls, or gauze. And in this basket on his changing table they’re readily accessible with one hand. (Which is all we have when we’re wrestling them to stay on the pad, amiright?)

DIY glass jars for little boy's Adventure room

DIY animal jars for the little adventurer's room

Finally, perhaps the most practical section of his room: The hamper. I snagged this adorable canvas basket from Home Goods months ago with the intention of filling it with blankets. Eventually I realized that I needed a container closer to the changing table for dirty clothes. Lo and behold, I had just the thing! This has served as a wonderful hamper, and at Home Goods prices, it was a steal! The area I chose is also right next to the door, only a few steps from our laundry room. Easy peasy!

Those airplane hooks are from Target, too — They were originally silver, which worked in our old house, but here in Utah where the skies and decorative accents are gold, I added a touch of that gold Rustoleum spray paint and voila! A match made in heaven!

Because little adventurers' clothes can get dirty, they should always have a sturdy hamper nearby

And that’s all she wrote! Which part of my little boy’s Adventure bedroom did you like most? Have you incorporated similar features or decor into your rooms? Thanks for checking it out!