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I’m Cara, and I’m the author of Politics to PlayDoh. When I’m not fighting bad guys for the Department of Justice, I’m finding creative outlets. Art, music, dance, baking, and interior design all make me feel fulfilled, as does raising my toddler son.

This hasn’t always been the case, though. It used to be all work, work, work, commute, work, work, commute, work, pass out. My hubby and I just moved to Salt Lake City in November 2016 after having lived in Washington, DC for over six years. Prior to that, I grew up in and just outside of Philadelphia.

In Spring of 2016, when I returned from maternity leave after having my son, I came to the profound realization that there was more to life than politics, networking, and a 4-hour-a-day commute. There was family. There was creativity. And there was, indeed, beauty in the world. I felt like I’d been missing all of this in the hustle and bustle of life within the Bubble. So I uprooted my family and moved us out to Utah to begin a new life with a fresh start.

Since moving out West, I’ve rediscovered parts of myself I knew had been hidden for years– things I’d always suppressed in an effort to blend in and keep up with the fast-paced DC life. I’ve always believed in Ephesians 4:1, which tells us to “Live a life worthy of the calling you have received,” and 1 Peter 4:10, which urges us to “Serve one another with the gifts each of you has received.” I finally feel like I have the opportunity — and the privilege — to do both.

So that’s this blog! I’m looking forward to sharing some of the things that make me feel personally satisfied and happy. In the process, I hope to develop the gifts I’ve been given. I hope it’ll inspire others to look inside themselves and identify and maximize their gifts. And I hope we all realize that time is too precious to waste on an unfulfilled life.

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